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Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) are a domesticated species of bird and a subspecies of the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) of Asia. Chickens are one of the most well known and widespread of all domesticated animals, and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Humans keep chickens for a variety of reasons, including for pets, eggs, and meat, as well as showing and breeding. Chickens have even become a popular backyard pet for people living in cities and towns. They are so well known that they are widely portrayed in media, often very inaccurately.


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Hundreds of years ago, the term "chicken" used to only encompass the young of the species, which were called "domestic fowl"; now a chicken is the species, while chicks are young chickens, usually under only a few weeks old. Since then, humans have largely misinterpreted the terminology of chickens, calling the females simply "chickens" while calling the males "roosters". This is false, as any individual of the Gallus gallus domesticus species is called a chicken, no matter their breed, gender, or sex. It should be noted that a chicken only becomes an adult when they reach over one year of age. Any chicken under this age is immature, although they can breed and lay eggs by five or six months.

  • Chicken: Any individual of the Gallus gallus domesticus species.
  • Rooster/Cock: An adult male chicken.
  • Hen: An adult female chicken.
  • Cockerel: An immature male chicken.
  • Pullet: An immature female chicken.
  • Sire: A rooster who is currently fathering chicks.
  • Dam: A hen who is currently mothering chicks.
  • Capon: A rooster or cockerel who has been neutered.
  • Stag: An immature male chicken of a gamefowl (cockfighting) breed. The equivalent of cockerel.
  • Bullstag: An adult male chicken of a gamefowl (cockfighting) breed. The equivalent of rooster or cock.