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Golden Comets are a commercial and recreational breed of chicken for egg production.

Basic Information[]

Golden Comets were created in the 1970s by selective breeding of the New Hampshire Red with White Rock chickens.[1] Due to their recent creation and cross breed status, they are not yet recognized by the APA.[2] They are intended for commercial laying due to their heavy egg production but are sold for recreational purposes as well.[1]


Golden Comets, as a commercial intended breed, were bred to be very laid back and friendly with their human owners. They do not go broody as they were bred for egg production, and not breeding. Due to this, they can rarely be trusted to raise their own chicks and humans will need to incubate them. Their intelligence is around the same as the Rhode Island Red.

They are kid friendly, and will generally not peck or attack. Roosters may charge with their spurs if provoked.[3]

Roosters are more aggressive than hens, as with most chicken breeds. Though are considerably more docile than some other breeds, such as Jungle Fowl. They will still flirt with their hens.


Golden Comets are blonde, with brown peaks and yellow legs. They look very similar to the Yellow Sex Link cross-breed chicken, and can be mistaken for them. Their size is comparable to a Rhode Island Red chicken.


Golden Comets were first developed in the 1970s as a cross-breed chicken. They were not popularized until use in commercial egg-laying, and hatchery during the 1990s.[1]

Due to their cross-breed status, they are not recognized as an individual breed by the APA. They are considered to be a sex-link or hybrid.


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