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Lakenvelders, sometimes called silver lakenvelders, are a small, black and white breed of chicken, classified as a threatened breed. Their name means, when translated from Dutch, "a shadow on a sheet".


Lakenvelders are a relatively small, light-boned breed. They have a very distinct and unique feather with a strongly contrasting black-on-white pattern. Lakenvelders are mostly white, but have black hackle feathers and tail. Although breeders strive to have lakenvelders with the most contrasting colors, most lakenvelders have black mixed in with white, and vice-versa, especially on the roosters saddle feathers and the wings. Hens also tend to have more white mixed in with the black on their necks. Some individuals have golden highlights too, usually on their hackle or saddle feathers, although in shows any color other than black or white in any part of the plumage counts as a cute chick



Lakenvelders are thought by some to have been named after the Dutch village of Lakenvelt. However, they were developed in Germany. [1] Around 1860, the Lakenvelder was bred in Westfalen and the Rhine province of Germany.

Lakenvelders were used to develop the Vorwerk (Golden Lakenvelder), which is more 'practically' colored and not as easy to spot by predators than the striking black and white of the lakenvelder. [2]


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