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This is a list of many plants that are toxic, or potentially toxic to poultry. Note however, that even if chickens have access to toxic plants, they will usually avoid them. Care should be taken however, as there is still a chance of them ingesting harmful plants, especially if they are very hungry.

Plants Potentially Toxic to Poultry
Common Name Botanical Name Part Symptoms
Black Locust Robinia pseudoacacia sprouts, leaves, pods, seeds weakness, diarrhea, depression
Black Nightshade Solanum nigrum immature berries diarrhea, irregular movements, paralysis, death
Bladderpod, Bagpod Sesbania vesicaria seeds bluish comb and wattles, diarrhea, prostration
Castor Bean Ricunus communis bean diarrhea, progressive paralysis
Corncockle Argrostemma githago seeds rough feathers, diarrhea, slow growth
Crown Vetch Coronilla varia leaves, stems, seeds incoordination
Death Camas Zygadenus spp leaves, flowers, stem, bulb diarrhea, salivation, muscular weakness
Jimsom Weed, Thorn Apple Datura stramonium all parts loss of appetite, reduced egg production
Milkweed Asclepias spp leaves incoordination, convulsions, death
Oleander Nerium oleander all parts weakness, diarrhea
Poison Hemlock Conium mculatum all parts weakness, diarrhea
Pokeberry Phytolacca americana berries diarrhea, convulsions
Potato Solanum tuberosum green tubers, raw peels, sprouts incoordination, prostration
Rattlebox Daubentonia punicea seeds diarrhea, depression
Vetch Vicia spp pea convulsions
Water Hemlock, Cowbane Cicuta spp all parts incoordination, paralysis, death
Yew Taxus spp leaves, seeds, twigs bluish combs and wattles, labored breathing, incoordination, prostration